.As for second-hand equipment, never buy it by mail order: it is absolutely necessary to see and handle the equipment before purchase.

Prefer second hand gear benefiting of a warranty (3 to 6 months).

Second hand DSLR : The points to check

  • All the “navigation screens”, the menus for changing the shooting mode: vérifier that the camera body affiche well and switches from one to the other without any problem.
  • All thumbwheels, buttons: make sure they don’t get stuck when you release them.
  • The lens change mechanism: check that it is not hard, that the lens clicks well.
  • The shutter motor: test the burst mode at different speeds.
  • The viewfinder mirror: check that it is not scratched, damaged, and that there are no fingerprints (never touch it!).
  • The AF disengagement mechanism.
  • The backlighting system of the data in the viewfinder: check if the technical indications remain visible in low light (obstruct the lens to check).
  • Look at the battery compartment: it must not be oxidized.
  • Be aware that a little dust in the viewfinder or behind an LCD screen is not too serious.

Second Hand Lens : Points to Check

  • Any possible scratches on the front lens, discoloration or cracking of the surface treatment.
  • Any trace of shock.
  • The appearance of the rear lens (by opening the diaphragm).

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