Documentary research

Because some destinations will be more important to you or because your vacation will take you to carefully chosen horizons, you will have the opportunity to prepare your trip in advance.

Take the opportunity to consult various documentary sources and point out particularly interesting sites.

As a landscape lover, look for visual clues first and foremost.

Travel brochures and other tourist information leaflets are generally quite poor in this regard, and photos are rarely captioned.

In parallel, browse the “Fine books” sections of bookshops and libraries to leaf through the books and note down interesting sites in a small notebook.

In addition, invest in some hiking guides, making sure that they don’t just list itineraries without aesthetic indications.

General tourist guides (Guide Vert, Le guide du routard, Lonely Planet…) are often not very talkative about natural sites, which are much less valued than museums or abbeys, for example.

There is however a certain completeness that you need to know how to use.

To find this kind of site, especially in France, it is better to read and explore the guides. It is by lack of information of this kind that I created at the time the Guides to the wonders of nature in France, some of which are still available.

The must remains the guides specialized in remarkable landscapes, but they are very rare in our latitudes…

Internet delivers little clear and exploitable information on landscapes.

On the other hand, fairs related to tourism, travel or nature are very useful, because they centralize a lot of information and offer many free catalogs.

Don’t hesitate to buy very detailed maps of the destination concerned (at least 1/100,000 e), which are indispensable for locating the selected sites and access routes.

You may also find the magazine press useful, especially special issues on mountain walks or on a specific region.

On the spot, take a close interest in postcards, as they usually list all the must-see sites, and sometimes a few rarities.

Finally, don’t neglect local bookstores, which often sell regional guides that you can’t usually find elsewhere.

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